A former gateway to the Roebling Mill, the main gate museum building once served as the passage point for thousands of workers on their way to the steel mill each day.

The building served as the hub of company activity. Offices processed payroll, time clocks, storage rooms, interview rooms, a jail house, phone operators, an infirmary and later an ambulance house. Originally only a gate in 1905, the building was built in 1907 to limit access to the factory grounds. Additions and alterations were made from 1919 through 1947.

These company rooms now house the five galleries, Investors Bank Media Room, offices, lobby gift shop and Ferdinand Roebling lll Archives of the Roebling Museum.

The 7,000 square foot building was meticulously restored by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Superfund clean-up of the 240 acre Roebling mill site. The building was turned over to the Township of Florence and the Roebling Museum in June of 2009.